About Us

We are the Heart of Illinois Beekeepers Association (HIBA), dedicated to the development of good beekeeping management and practices, the pollination of agricultural crops, the production of honey and honey related food products and the general education for and about honeybees. HIBA serves Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties and the surrounding areas.

Beekeeping is an exciting hobby or a full blown career, amateurs and professionals alike meet and discuss the latest in beekeeping, diseases and pests, hive management, honey production and public interest in bees, honey and Mother Nature.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about our organization or honeybees, please fill out a comment below.


2015 Membership Application and Dues

Time to renew HIBA membership and periodical subscription.  Download the 2015 flyer with attached membership application here and mail it to Dale Martin or bring to the next HIBA meeting.


Sign Up to be a Beekeeper Mentor

Heart of Illinois Beekeepers is seeking members that are interested and willing to be a mentor for new and inexperienced beekeepers. Many new beekeepers would feel more confident and be more successful in their first few seasons if they had a local mentor to help work through problems and be available to ask questions that arise. We seek to have a list of mentors compiled before the Beginning Beekeepers Course in February available to those seeking a mentor for their beekeeping journey.

Your knowledge, skills, and experience are valued! Let us know if you are available to be a mentor by submitting a message in the “Contact Us” form below. Thank your for your willingness to become a mentor!

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