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We are the Heart of Illinois Beekeepers Association (HIBA), dedicated to the development of good beekeeping management and practices, the pollination of agricultural crops, the production of honey and honey related food products and the general education for and about honeybees. HIBA serves Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford counties and the surrounding areas.

Beekeeping is an exciting hobby or a full blown career, amateurs and professionals alike meet and discuss the latest in beekeeping, diseases and pests, hive management, honey production and public interest in bees, honey and Mother Nature.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about our organization or honeybees, please fill out a comment below.


2015 Membership Application and Dues

Time to renew HIBA membership and periodical subscription.  Download the 2015 flyer with attached membership application here and mail it to Dale Martin or bring to the next HIBA meeting.


Sign Up to be a Beekeeper Mentor

Heart of Illinois Beekeepers is seeking members that are interested and willing to be a mentor for new and inexperienced beekeepers. Many new beekeepers would feel more confident and be more successful in their first few seasons if they had a local mentor to help work through problems and be available to ask questions that arise. We seek to have a list of mentors compiled before the Beginning Beekeepers Course in February available to those seeking a mentor for their beekeeping journey.

Your knowledge, skills, and experience are valued! Let us know if you are available to be a mentor by submitting a message in the “Contact Us” form below. Thank your for your willingness to become a mentor!

Contact us:
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16 Responses to About Us

  1. brent modglin says:

    would like to start keeping bees.

  2. admin says:


    Where do you live?

  3. frank robinson says:

    ive been thinking about doing some bee keeping ,im looking for second hand equipment ,or if someone is getting out of beekeeping and wants to sell some equipment frank in mapleton il.

  4. Sam Joslin says:

    I’m interested in beekeeping, perhaps setting up a hive for the 2013 season. Would any upcoming meetings be useful to me–or should I just wait for next February’s beginners’ meeting? I have four-and-a-half acres of grass, garden and ravine between Edelstein and Chillicothe.

  5. Tom Orlet says:

    I have a bee tree on a golf course in a state park and would like to rid myself of the bees. The park is located near Belleville, IL. Can you recommend anyone in my area who would be willing and able to take these bees for free? Thanks.

  6. Michael Cale says:


    I’m in Bloomington IL and have two hives this year. I’m interested learning more about the association and the benefits of membership.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Michael Cale

  7. Amanda says:

    I wanted to buy some local beeswax here in Peoria (or nearby). Is there any chance someone could point me in the right direction?


  8. Katie Horner says:

    I have a hive of bees living in an old tree we cut down and would like to find someone to come get them. I live in Minier IL. Any suggestions of who to contact?

  9. jon maier says:

    I used to belong to the club. I have left beekeeping and have various equipment to sell including a 6 frame extractor, wooden ware and tools. If anyone is interested shoot me an email with beekeeping in the subject so I can locate the email from trash. If someone wants the address, please get it from the club.

    Jon Maier

  10. Amber says:

    I am confused about what they want for the chunk honey 2.5 lb category for State Fair. Do they want the jar filled with cutcomb or just a single chunk?

  11. Tim Yarber jr says:

    Hi! I am VERY interested in Beekeeping and am currently pursuing joining a local association. However, I can’t seem to find one closer to home. I live in Maryville and would like something nearby. Does this exist as of yet? Thanks!

  12. Duane says:

    I am interested in starting a hive next year, and have done some basic/beginning reading on beekeeping. Are there meetings in the Peoria area where I could learn more?

  13. Aaron Larson says:

    Looking for somebody to relocate two large hives of honeybees. The hives are old and well established and about 5′ square. The sheds that they are in are falling apart and the bees need to be moved out of them to another location on the farm. The location is Havana IL.

  14. Blane Rings says:

    I am a part of Heart of Illinois Beekeepers Assoc. Does the association have any equipment that I can use to harvest honey. Thanks so much, blane


  15. Corey Berman says:

    Hello, I’m moving to a small farmstead next year and will be keeping bees. I’m renting the land, the owner currently keeps bees, so I will be continuing it but I am new to beekeeping. I’d to join HIBA, when is the first meeting of 2013?

  16. Charles Scrimpsher says:

    I am looking into keeping bees. Live in Middletown IL.

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