Club Apiary

Interested in keeping bees but can’t because of a city ordinance, or you don’t have a place to keep them?

Come join HIBA at our first club apiary at Wildlife Prairie Park! The Heart of Illinois Beekeepers Association has partnered with Wildlife Prairie Park to identify a secluded portion of the park near a wildflower hill to host a club apiary! This will allow members to have a place to keep hives where, perhaps, they would not be able to do so otherwise. The club will also sponsor some hives and host an annual Field Day event in June, where members can go out and inspect the hives as part of the day’s events.

This is a unique opportunity as the Wildlife Prairie State Park boasts over 2,000 acres, most of which is wild habitat untouched from pesticides and provides great forage for your bees!  The bee yard will be accessible by vehicle for you to move your equipment in and out.  Special arrangements will need to be made to access your hives before or after park hours.

In addition, HIBA will plan to host inspection events twice a month, where members can come and learn techniques from one another or ask questions about what they observe.

To participate in the Club Apiary, you must be a HIBA member, and come to one of the February, March, or April meetings to sign up! Limit 3 hives per member. Members must agree to maintain inspection sheets with their hives and have their hives inspected or handled by designated contacts in the case of an emergency situation.

For a full list of Club Apiary guidelines, click here.

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WPP Apiary Location

WPP Apiary Location