Where to Buy Local Honey

We have just over 70 members in the Peoria area, so there is bound to be someone nearby to sell you a jar of honey, a chunk of cut-comb honey, or any number of other products including bee pollen, propolis, beeswax, candles, soaps, lip balm, skin cremes, etc. Check out the list below for members in your area with products to sell:

Peoria County

Ponderosa Honey
Peoria, IL
1 lb. jars of Honey – $10.00

Schmidt Farm
6528 Farmington Rd
Norwood, IL

Riverview Road Apiary
12000 N Riverview Road
Chillicothe, IL

Joanna Freimuth
Bartonville, IL
1lb bottles

Tazewell County

Jeff Strunk
(309) 229-9121
Morton, IL

Ponderosa Honey
Every Friday at The East Peoria Farmer’s Market – Levee District
3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Through Sept 29, 2017, Resumes June 2, 2018.
1 lb. jars of Honey – $10.00

Putnam County

Dave Munson
Magnolia, IL

Woodford County

Keep checking back

Fulton County

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